3 easy steps to Chopstick success

1. Rest one chopstick on the 3rd and 4th fingers with thumb on top of the middle part of the chopstick.

2.Hold the other chopstick on the index and middle fingers, by using the tip of the thumb to keep the chopstick in place.

3.Level chopsticks; pick up food with movement of the upper chopstick, keep the lower chopstick stationary at all times.

Always rest your chopsticks on top of your bowl or on a holder if one is provided.

Never place Chopsticks standing upright in your bowl of food.

Try your hardest not to stab your food with chopsticks. Practice picking it up between the sticks.

Pointing at someone with your chopsticks is similar to pointing your knife at someone at the table. Not a good look.

Sucking on chopsticks is considered very rude. Worse yet, you may get a splinter. 

Avoid touching shared dishes on the table using your chopsticks. Remember, they've been in your mouth!