Baby Bok Choy: Chop and add to your stir-fry at the end. Blanch and serve with cooked mushrooms or seafood.

Chinese broccoli: Blanch and then put into cold water right after and it will retain it's nice green colour. Stir-fry is the most popular way to prepare it.

Snake bean: They are used in a popular Szechwan dish called dry-fried beans; they are deep-fried, drained and then put in a wok and stir-fried with a bit of ginger. They are usually cut into 1-inch lengths before cooking.


Chinese Cabbage (Wombok): Use in place of European cabbage for a unique flavour for salads and sandwiches, in dumplings and spring rolls. You can also use the leaves as wrappers for steamed food parcels, blanch in soups or add to your stir-fry towards the end. 

Kang Kong: Kang Kong is popular in Vietnamese dishes where it is eaten raw in salads or added to soup at the end of cooking. Can also be stir-fried. Add the leaves last as they will wilt quickly.

Lemongrass: Chop & use to flavour your stir-fry (use at the beginning, like Garlic). Great with chicken or fish stock-based soups, with or without coconut milk. Can also be used in salad dressings or to make a fragrant cup of tea.

Sin Qua: Peel off the hard ridges, but the rest of the skin can remain. Sin Qua can be chopped and steamed or stir fried, or grated and included in spring rolls or omelettes.